How We Do What We Do


MyCom prepares Greater Cleveland’s young people to enter early adulthood with the ability to foster healthy relationships throughout their lives and the skills to compete in a global economy.

We believe that youth development is community development and by building a network of support and growth opportunities for our youth we are strengthening our broader community.

MyCom’s work is neighborhood based; focused around our youth, building partnerships, bringing in new and leveraged resources to create opportunity and meet neighborhood identified strategies and needs.  Additionally MyCom takes a systems based approach as we engage large community wide systems; education, law enforcement, libraries, Metroparks, as well as others to work towards a future where are youth are successful, productive community members.



Our Network is centered on our youth and 19 Greater Cleveland neighborhoods.

The Network convenes city and county government, United Way services, family and youth focused agencies, school officials, philanthropic leaders and young people.

Network Lead Agencies contribute expertise, resources and administrative support to promote the core components of the network: Community Mobilization, Communication, Advocacy and Evaluation in Youth Engagement, Youth Employment, Out of School Time Opportunities and Education.