Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyCom?

MyCom is a network of neighborhood-based youth services providers.  Many different organizations are connected with MyCom across the county, all supported by a structure of regional coordinators and a backbone intermediary organization.

How is MyCom embedded in the community?

MyCom identifies and support a Neighborhood Lead Agency in each Region, as well as Neighborhood Hubs in neighborhoods within the Region.  Each Lead Agency holds regular Partner Meetings for the Region.

What is the role of the Coordinator?

The Regional Coordinator role leads the work outlined by partners and engages all potential partners in the Region (schools, families, businesses, faith institutions, libraries, and, of course youth serving entities).  This staff conducts visits with partners and programs, provides technical assistance, connects partners to professional development opportunities and promotes programs and services within the MyCom Region.  All coordinators are required to engage in professional development to enhance their knowledge of youth development.

How are Partners engaged?

Each Regional Coordinator convenes meetings; usually monthly.  Partners are encouraged to sign either a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or a Statement of Support (SOS), which outlines their level of commitment and engagement.  Regional Coordinator are charged with visiting partners and programs, at minimum quarterly.

What is required of Partners to access Partner Support Funds?

Partner Support funds are available to those who work with youth, in the designated region, as long as the request is aligned with the MyCom domains (community, academic, social emotional, health and wellness). A signed MOU or SOS is preferred but not required.  Each partner support grant available can be for up to $1,000, with some projects being approved in excess of the cap.  Most of the requests are for transportation, program supplies and refreshments.

How do Youth connect with MyCom?

Community partners receive regular communication regarding activities and opportunities for youth and families. Each region produces a program guide annually with a list of all of the resources available.

Why would an OST Provider partner with MyCom?

Connecting to MyCom provides the value of: greater opportunities for youth and families; participation in a network of like-minded professionals; and connecting to larger partners (such as schools and libraries). All of these benefits fall under a recognized and respected brand that MyCom has worked over the past decade plus to cultivate.  The network provides support, opportunity, and access. Additionally, MyCom provides information on free and low cost professional development for staff.

What role does MyCom have with Schools?

The MyCom network is committed to amplifying youth voice to strengthen the development of advocacy and agency for our shared constituents: youth.

MyCom may provide supports for teachers and administrators such as:  programming, exposure opportunities, and supplies.  MyCom also connects the local school with additional partners and information collected related to the neighborhood, trends and demographics

How does MyCom’s work align with Say Yes?

The MyCom network provides the supports and access to promote the successful transition for students and their families from Kindergarten to post-secondary education and/or work life.  Student success requires connected efforts to alleviate and remediate barriers faced by families.