MyCom Youth Voice Awards 2020: Being the Light

In a year where many of us are struggling to make sense of the world and the year 2020, MyCom is seeking a chance to highlight the best and “brightest” in our youth development network at the 2020 Youth Voice Awards.

This year’s theme is Being the Light focusing on those who bring light in the darkness; who in divisiveness-unite; who in strife-bring peace; where there is silence-speak up; who see hate and bring love; who see hurt and bring comfort, and who find ignorance and teach.

Each year, the MyCom Youth Voice Awards allow our community members to nominate individuals and organizations who have made a significant, positive impact for children and young adults. Nominations are in Community Service, Civic Involvement, Arts, Advocacy, Youth Engagement, and Youth Employment. This year, we will be including an outstanding award specific to our theme of Being the Light.

Our 12th Annual MyCom Youth Voice Awards will be on Thursday, November 12, 2020, virtually from 6 pm-7:30 pm.

MyCom is a unified network supporting positive youth development for children & young adults in Greater Cleveland. MyCom facilitates grass-roots, wrap-around supports enhancing our positive opportunities for children and young adults.

We would like YOU to join us in demonstrating our children & young adults’ significance, celebrating those who are and continue to be the light. Please consider purchasing an ad in our virtual program booklet or to give a “shout-out” to individuals and organizers who help children & young adults thrive each day.

Your ad purchase will be advertised to over 500 attendees and COUNTLESS networks across Greater Cleveland. Purchased ads in our full-color, virtual program booklet starts at $100.

You are the light too!

Together, we can spread the light and eliminate the darkness to bring hope to everyone.