Strategic Plan

MyCom is a network committed to igniting positive futures for Greater Cleveland’s youth by CONNECTING them with community based quality programming and services to help them become young adults that are able to NAVIGATE and give back to their communities as PRODUCTIVE citizens. MyCom’s network helps parents and youth in Greater Cleveland navigate transition points in schooling and growth. The MyCom network strives to produce positive, data validated results, through effective communication, collaboration and relying on knowledge based experts, community advocates and youth voice and authentic engagement.

Youth Engagement Goal 1:

To engage children and young adults in impactful programs and services evidenced by an increase in the number participating in the services of our network when compared to participants of 2020.


  • To identify youth engagement programming across Greater Cleveland and promising approaches for success by December 2021.
  • To establish measurable data supporting positive youth engagement by December 2021.
  • To design a youth engagement implementation plan and execute the plan across the MyCom network by December 2022.
  • To evaluate the youth engagement plan and measure the success by December 2023.
  • To adjust the youth engagement plan based on the evaluation of success and implement recommended changes by December 2024.

Neighborhood Engagement Goal 2:

To support neighborhood youth development approaches evidenced by an increase in the number of neighborhood relationships built to reduce service gaps for children and young adults when compared to December 2020.


  • To assess the existing neighborhood networks by December 2021.
  • To assess the service gaps in youth development across the MyCom network neighborhoods by December 2021.
  • To develop a neighborhood response template to address service gaps in MyCom neighborhoods by December 2022.
  • To support and identify practices that address service gaps in neighborhoods by December 2022.
  • To evaluate the neighborhood approach to service gaps by December 2023.
  • To modify and implement recommended changes to the neighborhood approach by December 2024.

Education Goal 3:

To support the academic success of children and young adults evidenced by an increase in the number graduating from 8th grade and high school by December 2024.


  • Analyze the best practices of existing supports for educational achievement by December 2021.
  • Analyze the gaps in educational supports by December 2022.
  • Develop an implementation plan to support the implementation of supports to fill the gaps identified by December 2023.
  • Evaluate the implementation of the supports by December 2024.