February 4, 2019Alumni Spotlight » Caroline Diederich

Neighborhood: South Shaker
How you were involved in MyCom: I have been involved with MyCom Youth Council since my junior year in high school. I was co-VP my senior year and now I try to stay as active as I can as an alumni member and attend events whenever I am able.
High School: Shaker Heights High School
College: Cleveland State University
Graduation Year: December 2018
What was a lesson you learned while in MyCom that has helped you in life?
The most important lesson Iearned in Mycom was inclusivity. I also learned important lessons on leadership, public speaking, and found my love for philanthropy. MyCom helped me make a difference in my community while also making lifelong friendships and networks.
What is a piece of advice you would give to MyCom youth today?
Everything you do today has an impact tomorrow. Even if an event only has so many attendees, those people will be impacted and will remember the memories that you had with them. Caring about your community is so important and helps you for the rest of your life.
Have you continued to be connected to MyCom and in what capacity?
Yes, I’ve attended events as an alum and have participated in smaller surveys and even trained to be a facilitator myself. I wish I could have been even more involved over the past few years, but unfortunately have been too busy with my hectic schedule to do so, but I hope to start becoming more involved again as an alum as I finish school.
What do you hope to be doing in 2-3 years?
I hope to have found a career related to my degree in communications or advertising. I would also love to be able to work with a nonprofit like Youth Opportunities Unlimited as either a program specialist or in their marketing department.