January 10, 2019Alumni Spotlight » Kyra Wells

Neighborhood – Shaker Heights

How you were involved in MyCom – I was the MyCom Youth Council  President 2015-2016

High School – I attended school online through Ohio Virtual Academy as well as took courses at Tri-C through their College Credit Plus program.

College – Cuyahoga Community College & Cleveland State University

Graduation Year – I graduated from Tri-C in 2017 with an Associate of Applied Business with a Concentration on Graphic Design.  I will be earning my bachelors of Art degree from Cleveland State University by 2020.

What was a lesson you learned while in MyCom that has helped you in life? 

The biggest lesson I learned while in MyCom was that community starts with each one of us. In MyCom we didn’t just talk about wanting change in our community, we did things to create that change. Ms. Sharon Bell helped all of us see that our community is our responsibility. She was and still continues to be a strong anchor in the Shaker Heights and MyCom community and is a big reason for helping shape who I am today.


What is a piece of advice you would give to MyCom youth today?

Always put 110% into everything you do from the smallest task to the biggest, when people are watching and when people aren’t. The work that you put in at this stage of your life will be so worth it for the future.


Have you continued to be connected to MyCom and in what capacity?
This past Spring I visited the current MyCom students in the Shaker Heights Neighborhood. It was wonderful to see that they are continuing on the work in the community that MyCom so strongly advocates for.

I also keep in contact with many other Alumni that are still doing many positive things within the community.


What do you hope to be doing in 2-3 years?
In 2-3 years I hope to have completed my bachelors degree and continue working in my field as a Graphic Designer. I plan on staying in Cleveland and continuing to be an active part of my community through events, public speaking, and other service opportunities.