March 4, 2019Alumni Spotlight » Tamia J. Browder

Neighborhood – Westpark Community
How you were involved in MyCom – My Leadership stood out the most. Along with that was my enthusiasm, confidence, and willingness to give back to my community. I’ve always been a fan of wanting to lead, set an example & teach my peers the importance of giving back with care & lots of love! To be recognized as someone whose known for something good is what I’ve always loved about leadership – putting other people’s needs & wants before yours. To me, I think that’s really considerate & generous.
High school – John Marshall School of Civic & Business
College – Central State University
Graduation year – High School, 2018
What was a lesson you learned while in MyCom that has helped you in life?
I’ve learned that it is okay to lean on others for help. You don’t have to be independent most of the time to define yourself as “the best.” Everyone isn’t perfect & that’s okay. But when you have a team of people who are willing to stand with you through anything, believe that they will be there for you no matter what! A leader doesn’t have to be strong all the time because there are others who will be strong for you or with you. The thing about that is always having someone. People admire you for your character of good. Good things come out of good doings. I’ve also learned that being a leader holds lots of responsibility. I believe anyone whose willing to put their mind to it can ABSOLUTELY do it! You just gotta believe! Walk by faith and not by sight!
What is a piece of advice you would give to the MyCom youth today?
There is no shame of being shy about who you are. There are times where we doubt ourselves of doing the possible when it seems impossible. But everything works in the magic of your own hands. Don’t disguise the real you as the chaos of someone you’re not, because you are great at whatever it is that you do. You are wonderful. You have the power to set your mind to anything you wanna do. Your biggest weapon will always be your power of willingness. Don’t ever be afraid of the fire. Some people fear the fire, but sometimes, you have to simply become it. Step out & do what it is that you think is great. Always. Be different into leading a new generation of something life changing & good!
Have you continued to be connected to MyCom and in what capacity?
I continued to stay connected through my neighborhood. There’s always something that needs to be done. Whenever they need help, I’m the person to call on. And if there’s anything I can do to help, I’d do what I can.
What do you hope to be doing in 2-3 years? 
I will still be in college. Furthermore, I hope to extend my interest beyond psychology.
**Tamia is pictured with current Westpark MyCom youth who she works with**