August 29, 2019Alumni Spotlight » Timothy Ryan Jones

How you were involved in MyCom – I was involved with the Shaker MyCom led by Mrs. Sharon Bell in High School

High School – Shaker Heights High School 

College – Kent State University

Graduation Year – December 2019 

What was a lesson you learned while in MyCom that has helped you in life? 

The lesson I learned from MyCom that has helped me in life today is the importance of connections. You will only go as far as the connections you have in this world. Meaning that you might have to push yourself mentally to socialize and meet people to help pave the way to your future goal.


What is a piece of advice you would give to MyCom youth today?

Remember someone is always watching the work you put into a task. With hard work, a job reference can be granted to help them get to there next step in life.


Have you continued to be connected to MyCom and in what capacity?
I recently got reconnected with Mrs. Sharon Bell (my former MyCom adult leader) while working with the Y.O.U. Summer Youth Employment Program, where I served as job coach to MyCom members and other youths in the Shaker Heights area. Also, a couple of years ago I went to a MyCom reunion gathering and got the opportunity to see past MyCom members from the High School days.


What do you hope to be doing in 2-3 years?
In 2-3 years I hope to be working in the criminal justice field and maybe move back to Texas.



while in High School Timothy was involved in a photo shoot to create signage for MyCom