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Our Wisdom for Wednesday session will focus on how to bring self-awareness and healing to yourself and provide tactics you can use during your work with children and young adults.

Our presenter is Alison Ledbetter of Simply Spiritual. Mrs. Ledbetter is an Intuitive Healer and Reiki Master. She began her journey in 1990 achieving Reiki Level 1 and 2 training, obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology in 1994, Massage Therapy Certification in 1996, and a Masters of Education in 2001.

Her practice is focused on creating mindfulness and meditation as essential skills in the workplace because decreased stress levels increases attention span and emotional well being-key essentials to productivity and success.

About Alison’s Work
The practice of Meditation and Mindfulness are validated by rigorous research as exceptional tools for: sustainable reduction in stress and anxiety; increased attention span and focus; increased compassion and the ability to self regulate emotions; decreases in the hormone cortisol which is related to high levels of stress; and increases in the mass of the brain’s frontal lobe signifying the ability to problem solve and reason.
Alison has been teaching meditation for fifteen years, initially as a volunteer at Gilda’s Club, and now in a variety of settings.
Her classes include a discussion or a handout about the current research findings and practical uses.
She teaches a variety of different techniques: breath work, sensory awareness and focus in the immediate moment, positive affirmations, guided relaxation, release of tension, and acceptance of the constant mind chatter. The class concludes with a guided meditation.
Teaching mindfulness to youth development professionals includes teaching them first to engage in a daily practice and then child-centered techniques for the program.

Learn more about Alison by clicking here.