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Events »MyCom Wisdom for Wednesdays: Defining Impact and the Opportunities It Presents


MyCom Webinar



Session 1: Defining impact and the opportunities it presents.

An educational and information gathering session designed to:

  • Listen to what experiences the attendees have had with data collection and evaluation.
  • Reflect on the experiences collectively as it pertains to their agency and/or program.
  • Discuss how defining impact and positive outcomes can benefit agencies.
  • Learning Outcomes:
    • Participating in the webinar will allow agencies to:
      • Share their collective experiences on data collection and its usage to demonstrate effectiveness.
      • Listen and further understand how demonstrating effectiveness can be a useful tool for their agency and/or program.

MyCom will be joined by guests from Case Western Reserve University’s Begun Center for Violence Prevention, Research & Education and Elevate Consulting.

The Begun Center for Violence Prevention Research and Education, led by Daniel J. Flannery, PhD, is home to a distinguished group of applied community-based research, evaluation, training, and technical assistance specialists in operation over the past two decades.

With grants and contracts of nearly $4 million annually, our center serves as a research partner to various local, state and national non-profit, foundation and government organizations and provide the following support:

  • Evaluating programs through data collection and analysis
  • Assist potential partners in the grant application process
  • Provide training and technical assistance around evidence based practices
  • Disseminate research through publications, project reports and conference presentations

Elevate Consulting is a Nashville-based consulting firm that partners with mission-driven organizations to help them find ways to better solve problems, tell their stories, and share their impact. Founded in 2016, Elevate utilizes innovative, rigorous, and participatory methods to support learning, improvement, and impact measurement. Elevate’s consultants specialize in research and evaluation, program design/development, and process consultation and facilitation for organizations and collaboratives. Elevate has worked with nonprofit, government, and philanthropic clients of various sizes and with a wide range of focus areas.


Co-founders Amy Merritt Campbell and Jessica Gibbons-Benton are consultants experienced in research and evaluation, systems change, and organizational development. Both received Masters in Education Community Development and Action from Vanderbilt’s Peabody College, and both spent their early careers evaluating multi-year, multi-million dollar federal investments and engaging stakeholders to improve these programs and initiatives. Along with Elevate’s third co-founder, Hannah Wohltjen, Amy and Jessica work directly with clients in using information to improve their programs, organizations, and systems.