August 29, 2019Youth in Action » Popsicles & Policy

On August 27th, the Ladies of Today attended a Popsicle and Policy session with Cleveland City Councilman Blaine Griffin. The session was from 5pm to 7pm at Methodist Church.  Mrs. Joyce Hood was accompanied by Ms. Charlea Smith, Chayse, Savanna, Rashawna, Shay, Heaven, Geneva, and myself Destiny Lodge.  During this session not only did we eat pizza and popsicles, but we also talked about lead poisoning in our community and how it is affecting our children.


Did you know that lead poisoning is being found a lot in kids today? Where does it come from? What are the effects? How can you prevent it?  All of these questions were answered in the session and new information was even brought to our attention on what they plan to do! So let’s start at the beginning. Lead poisoning has been found in a lot of kids recently. Lead poisoning comes from chipped paint, dust, and sometimes lead pipes may leach lead into your water! In kids lead poisoning is extremely dangerous as it has been linked to things like ADHD, anger problems, and learning disabilities. Lead poisoning can easily be prevented by repainting over chipped paint and having your house checked. Did you know that homeowners are not obligated to have a lead check before they sell or rent out their home? Well they will be soon! According to Councilman Griffin in 2021, there will be policies in place so if someone wants to rent or sell they will HAVE to produce a certificate saying the house has been checked which will be good for two years. Schools and daycares are also being checked and will have similar policies!


“LADIES OF TODAY”  News Reporter Destiny Lodge