October 2, 2018Youth in Action » West Park Youth in Action

In the spring, BPDC community development and youth development staff met to discuss how we could utilize an empty plot of land that we own on W. 130th St. We decided to work together to turn the space into a sunflower garden to bring neighbors together and brighten up the neighborhood. We organized a sunflower planting event on a Saturday morning and worked together to recruit volunteers. Community Development staff flyered the neighborhood and Youth Development Staff contacted families we knew that lived on nearby streets, connected with the school directly next door, and involved our youth council youth. In total we had about 30 volunteers show up that day to plant sunflowers. Then in mid-June, when Y.O.U. started, we got our Neighobhrood Corps youth involved with planting, weeding, and watering inm the garden, and planning a mural on the storage shed at the back of the lot. In one our of our first days working in the garden, officer’s from the 1st District Community Engagement Unit came by and worked with us. All in all, this project has brought together the community to work on a project that engaged youth in a meaningful way.