MyCom is a network of people who believe youth development is a direct path to healthy, safe communities for everyone. We build strengths in young people and their neighborhoods by connecting existing programs and resources, and funding opportunities for positive growth. We also encourage all sectors of society to take responsibility for children’s development and transition into productive adulthood.

Our Vision (What the world would look like if we are wildly successful).

All children of Greater Cleveland transitioning into productive adults.

Our Mission

The mission of the intermediary team is to convene stakeholders, build collaboration, and coordinate strategies that promote positive youth development across Greater Cleveland.

Core Values

  • Promotion of a Youth Voice.
    • Youth will have input to our work, ALWAYS.
  • Transparency in our work.
    • We will be transparent in how we impact positive youth development.
  • Celebration of Diversity.
    • We only succeed by embracing and celebrating the diversity and inclusion of our partners, neighborhoods, and youth.
  • Youth Development IS Community Development.
    • Positive youth development enables our economy to succeed today and in the future.
  • Caring Adults are Crucial.
    • All youth should be able to identify at least one caring adult in their life outside of their family.
  • Evaluating our Work.
    • Annually, we will invest resources to measure our impact towards our mission.
  • Honesty.
  • Integrity.
    • We will continue to do the right thing no matter if anyone is watching.